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Oh Baby!

Hey everyone!  I am just real sorry I haven’t been posting any recipes on here!  The thing is… I can’t do any cooking right now.  Why?  Because the smell of most foods, good or bad, make me take off running to the bathroom.  Why?  Because I’m having a baby!  Yep.  It’s true and I have the growing waist line to prove it.  (insert me crying…)  Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy to be carrying our first child.  It’s just been a little difficult so far. 

It’s not just the morning sickness (which by the way, is NOT just for mornings anymore!  introducing the new and not so improved “all day sickness” – insert me crying again).  I also suffer from a blood clotting condition called “Protein C Deficiency”.  This means that my blood clots too much.  Not good.  Especially when I’m prego.  SO… I have to be on blood thinners.  I can’t take pills because they would go to the baby and cause birth defects.  Since I can’t take pills, I must have injections.  My fireman has to give me a shot everyday for my entire pregnancy and then for 3 months after it.  365 days of 365 shots!  Yes!  They hurt and the blood thinner burns.  I can feel it every time.  Since my blood is now thinner, I bruise even more easily.  I am covered in purple and green bruises.  I have stopped undressing or dressing anywhere near a mirror because its so yucky to see my body like this.  The blood thinners make me extremely tired and that fatigue coupled with the pregnancy fatigue has been pretty overwhelming.

I also found out that I have whats called a “retroverted uterus” which means that my uterus is backwards in my body.  A normal one, would tip toward a womans tummy area .  Welp!  My uterus has dared to be different!  Its tips completely backwards toward my spine.  It won’t hurt the baby (thank God) and as the baby grows, it will get into the right spot.  Only trouble is, once the baby is out it will go back to its normal position which has caused me MAJOR problems over the years.  Lots of pain… 

So all this to say, I’m so sorry I have been so absent lately.  I miss blogging about recipes and projects so much!  I  hear that this mean ole first trimester will soon give way to the glorious peace of the second trimester where I will feel much more normal again.  I can hardly wait.  In the meantime, I would so appreciate any prayer you might think to say for me and any positive thoughts you can muster up!  I am certain that as soon as I start craving delicious food again, I will be back on here sharing the love!  Thank you all for your support!



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