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Hello and welcome back to The Bluebird’s Nest.  Today I’ve got a bee in my bonnet!  Yes, I am sure that my fury is partially hormonally induced however, the other part is purely righteous indignation.  I have never been the kind of lady who goes around shrieking about the glass ceiling and I have never hosted a bra burning party in the name of women’s liberation, BUT… I am livid about what I keep hearing out of the mouths of men today regarding women.

The verbage of choice to describe a woman is “bitch”.  Example:  “Yeah some bitch was acting crazy at this party over the weekend”  or “Yeah that bitch was so effin’ hot”.  Does this make you as upset as it does me?  Whether you are a man or a woman, I certainly hope it does.  Ladies, this is not how God sees you.  God sees you as precious… God sees you with all the love in His heart and all the wonder with which He created you. 

Where is the respect?  Where is the chivalry?  Where is even a shred of appreciation or admiration toward a lady?  As we know, women have had to fight and struggle to gain our rights, respect, and pay checks.  But why should we have to fight to gain our God-given title of “woman”?  When did it become ok for us to be referred to as female dogs?  I don’t care if the woman being referred to is a prostitute.  She is still a woman.  A woman who is probably in the position she is, because a man told her over and over again she is nothing more than a worthless “b**ch.  (I really don’t like to type the word over and over)

Women are beautiful.  Women are everything that is soft and gentle in this world.  We round off those rough edges and we cushion the falls of those that we love and protect.  We are strong, we are brave, we are talented, we are kind and good and so so so much more than what some men would reduce us to.  Men who have never truly loved a woman… men who have never truly loved themselves. 

If the child growing inside of me turns out to be a boy, I will make sure he knows how to treat a lady whether or not I am watching or listening.  These men must not have been taught how to be real men.  They must not be able to look at their mothers, wives, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, or daughters the way every woman deserves to be looked at.  They must not know what it means to hold someones heart so very high.  I pity these men…even more than they make me angry, they make me sad.

I am so grateful for my husband David.  I know that he loves me because he respects me.  He shows me everyday how it feels to be cherished, esteemed, and valuable. 

We are women.  We are God’s most beautiful creation.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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Hello and welcome back to The Bluebird’s Nest!  I am still not up to cooking but I thought I would break my blogging silence to say a few words about mothers in honor of Mothers Day.  As I prepare to become a mother myself in the coming months, I can’t help but feel a wide range of emotions.  Some of this is hormonally induced, but the other part is just being human I think.  I ask myself the following questions on repeat all day, everyday:

– Why did I do this?  I can’t do this!

– I can do this… Right?

– Will I screw up my child’s life?

– Will my child love me?  What if we don’t click?

– Will I love my child?

– Of course I’ll love my child… Right?

– How will I handle those teenage years?

– How will I balance being a wife, being a mom, and being  myself?

Needless to say, there’s a lot of worryin’ goin on in this little head of mine!  In times like these, I realize that the only reference I really have is my own mother.  I think to myself that she did it and she made it through alright, so I must be able to do it too.  When I wonder if I’ll screw up my child’s life, I remember the times my mom made some mistakes and I evaluate my level of “screwed up-ness”.  I think I’m fine.  I’m a little weird but that’s not all my moms fault!  The times that she maybe could have done things differently make me see her as a human being.  Someone who made a mistake and learned from it.  Someone not too proud to say they’re sorry to their child.  It makes me realize that everyone says or does the wrong thing sometimes.  It makes me willing to hand out a little more grace to others… to myself.

When I wonder if I’ll be able to love my child, I remember her saying that when she held me she never felt love like that.  She said that she didn’t think her heart would be big enough to hold it all in.  She has never skimped on verbalizing her love to me.  She has never skimped on demonstrating it either.  It makes me think that I could love like that.  I feel the bond between us and it makes me believe I can make one with my baby.  It gives me a glimpse into the love that God must have for all of us.  They say you understand the heart of God more when you have a child because the love you feel for your baby, strong as it may be, is only a fraction of the love He has for us.

Though my teen years were pretty darn difficult, (examples include: bad boys, blatant disregard for the rules about no mascara or eyeliner, detention for rolling up my school uniform skirt, lying, crying, sneaking around, writing swear words in my diary like I even knew how to use them, etc. etc.)  she managed to get me (and herself) through them pretty much unscathed.  I was grounded sometimes or forbidden to watch 90210 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but I never hated her for too long.  I loved her too much for that.  Maybe, just maybe… my child will feel that way too. 

My mother knows who she is.  She has a strong faith in God, loves her family, and cannot tolerate a bad cup of coffee.  She sings harmony with songs on the radio, she falls asleep on the couch around 9 p.m. every night even though she says she’s just resting her eyes, and she makes really good vegetable soup.  She collects tea cups, loves raspberries, and she is loved by everyone who meets her.  She is the kind of mother some children wish they could have, a saint among wives, a champion for a daughter, and a friend you can believe in.  I hope that someday the child I carry can say at least some of these things about me…

Happy Mothers Day to my mother Debbie Hall and to all you wonderful mothers out there!  God Bless!



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