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Introducing Bentley David!

It has been far too long between blog postings!  I miss it.  I’ve still been decorating, I’ve still been cooking, I’ve just had to do it all while taking care of a brand new baby!  Holding a camera in one hand and a little squirm ball in the other proves challenging while stirring a bechamel with my wooden spoon between my toes…. Ok I’m sort of exaggerating.  The wooden spoon is actually between my teeth.  My new years resolution is to blog at least once a week… twice if I’m lucky.  Hopefully you haven’t given up on me completely.  Here… this might help… a little picture of the cutest little time sucker you ever did see…

So as you can see, he is pretty darn distracting.  I love him… He is so precious and perfect.  A complete gift from God.  Sure my butt is bigger and I now know the true definition of stretch marks but I wouldn’t give him back for anything.  (Unless you catch me at 3 a.m. and I’m making the millionth bottle for the night and I’ve stubbed my toe on the dresser because I just tripped over the pacifier I was looking for at 1 a.m.  Then I might be a bit more inclined to discuss the options….)  I kid, I kid…I love my baby boy and I’m happy to be back in the blogging community again! 

More recipes, pics of my new house, Christmas ideas, and crafts are coming your way… Welcome back to The Bluebird’s Nest!






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