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Hi everyone!  I got all my licenses and classes and tests all DONE!  Hip hip hooray!  I can now bake for you and your events and we can all be confident that nothing will cause you bodily harm.  Of course I say this with a slight (hearty) laugh because, I did not learn anything all that new.  The biggest point that was gone over and over and over is “WASH YOUR HANDS”.  Um. Who is not doing this? I’ts like all the commercials for toilet paper… Who is not buying this product? haha! Anyway, rest assured that I am washing my hands AT ALL TIMES. If you call me, I will not be able to answer because my hands will literally be covered in suds. Leave me a message, I’ll listen to it, and then go wash my hands before I call you back. We are GOOD. :)


So I am working out of a FABULOUS commercial kitchen in Plymouth called Proud Mitten. I love it here. It’s huge and gorgeous and it has a walk in oven! Woah! I share space with some seriously talented people and it always smells delicious!

Check them out at http://www.proudmittenkitchen.com/

Last week, I had my FIRST food event. Eek! Exciting! I was invited to the gorgeous and stylish “Beauty Haven” in downtown Plymouth, to participate in the Plymouth Ladies Night event. Beauty Haven is lovely and welcoming spa that offers sublime beauty treatments and top of the line products. Heidi, the owner, is so kind and beautiful too.

Check them out at http://www.yourbeautyhaven.com/

For this event, I made items for sample and items for sale. For sample, I did Vanilla Marshmallows spiked with peppermint essential oil. I had not used essential oil for marshmallows before and so my first batch was an experiment. It was terrible! It tasted like peppermint toothpaste. I was impressed! Essential oils pack QUITE a punch. I have used lemon, lavender, and orange before but not in food that was such a blank canvas like marshmallows. Needless to say, I made the peppermint batch over again, this time with far less essential oil. They were great! The ladies who came through the spa, really liked them.

For sale, I made Toasted Coconut Marshmallows. These are delicious little fluffy pillows of sugar topped and bottomed with nutty, fragrant, toasted organic coconut. So many people are surprised when they bite into a homemade marshmallow. They are so much better than the ones you buy in the bag. However, bagged marshmallows have their place. I wouldn’t dream of making krispy cereal treats without them.

Part of what I do with my business, is to set up displays or Sweet Tables. I wanted to showcase that a bit as well. Here are some pics of my set up at the event.

set up




I wanted to create a display that said “I bake, but I also design” and I hope it was a success! I have several upcoming events and I can’t wait to share them with you!

For orders, please contact me on my facebook page at facebook.com/bluebirdsnest

Thanks! Have a SWEET day!



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